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Quality Embroidery Digitizing with Tractor Sewout on Twill material depicting an appearance of text on license plate

Our partnership with you:

   Abcoln Fashions is a renowned embroidery digitizing and patch manufacturer. With over 2900 sign ups and about 1800+ active customers, quality and service is a proof by itself. We value your customers and their opinions; and delivering outstanding quality to your customers is our primary goal too. With over 30 years of experience and the most qualified personnel, we guarantee that your machine will run smoother even on the most intricate designs. We have dedicated embroidery machines for sewing out every single design, ensuring an outstanding quality on your machines.

Let us join hands and create mesmerizing embroideries for your customers.

97.4 % of companies who sample us have become long term customers.
Here is why:

* Fast turn around, with track record of doing RUSH orders within the hour.
* Round the clock live service, day or night.
* Superior sew out quality.
* Production friendly designs.
* Personalization and Tuning for your equipment and preferences.
* Prompt, friendly and professional service.
* 24/7 accessible secure backup storage of your digitized designs.
* Attractive pricing package.
* Absolutely FREE editing or redoing the designs.
* Fast and free estimates for designs.
* 100 % Satisfaction guarantee. Here are some testimonials.
We are proud to offer the friendliest service in the industry.

Our primary goal is to EXCEED your EXPECTATIONS. If we are not doing it, PLEASE make me aware of it. I will take steps to rectify and improve.

Abcoln Fashions is constantly testing innovative ways to embroider using special effect embroidery.
Watch this website for the newest in custom embroidery digitizing.

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