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From Bob Johnson : Bella Vista, Arkansas (Strong partnership from November 2003)
  Sorry its take so long to get back to you. I tried three different digitiziers for this design and I am happy to say that yours was the one that worked the best. I liked the fact that you digitized it so that the ends were covered. The other two digitizers used a different method and the sewing for the ends was pushed out when the columns were sewn.
I do have Wilcom software but just don't have the time or skill to digitize all the time. I can make edits, lettering, and use applique a lot. I currenty use a digitizer out of XXX with pretty good success most of the time. For this design he charged me XXX. But of course your design was superior to his. I used another digitizer who charges YYY. HIs design was siilar to yours but he used that method that cause the ends to poke out.
From Yolanda Gonzalez : West Lafayette, Indiana
  With so many digitizers vying for our business we feel fortunate to have taken the opportunity to get to know and work with Abcoln Fashions. The quality of their work and their dedication to our (and most importantly our client's satisfaction) is exemplary. Their art conversion service, like their digitizing, is done right the first time. We are never concerned with being too detailed in our requests as Abcoln Fashions always seems to interpret our needs the first time and their work is done on time, every time. Beyond the quality of their work the people at Abcoln Fashions let you know your business is important to them. I don't think we could have found a better business partner.
From Raquel Aaron : Cheyenne, Wyoming (Strong relationship from June 2007)
  After using several digitizing services and not being satisfied with their service, promises, quality, and/or pricing, I was delighted to discover Abcoln Fashions. They have truly become my one-stop-shop for digitizing, vector art, and patches, too. Professional and prompt services are always provided, meeting or beating deadlines are never missed or overlooked, and a can-do / will-do attitude is include in their fair and honest rates. If you are not using Abcoln Fashions, I recommend you give them a try. Everyone one I recommended to contact them has called me back to say "wow and thanks."
From Yolanda Pierre : Florence, South Carolina
  Abcoln Fashions has been an incredible partner for our business and we are very appreciative to work with them. We have always relied upon their ability to provide us with personalized attention, attention to detail, and clear communication. They consistently exceed our expectations and demonstrate a "do what it takes" attitude to ensure that the product they provide us is of the highest quality. We would never consider using anyone else. Our reputation is directly correlated to their results, and that is why our customers keep coming back and sending us referrals. Thank you for all you do for us!
From Sam Green : Annapolis, Maryland
  We had used several digitizers in the past and even now once in a while. The quality and service of Abcoln Fashions is far superior to the rest. The work is delivered always on time. They are so dependable that we have been confidently able to offer the quality and quick turnaround promises to our customers. Thank you : Abcoln Fashions.
From Raquel Young : Bristol, Tennesse
  I have been using Abcoln Fashions for a long time now. The fact that they are good genuine people and make you feel like you have known them for years. I am more than satisfied with their work. They understand my needs and the value I have for my customers. All their work is of the best quality almost without revisions. As you know the sooner you can get your artwork approved from the customer the sooner you can get the project completed and delivered. Abcoln Fashions gets the artwork Vectored or Digitized, to you sooner than any other company I have used. Bottom line I can not speak enough of their great work, prompt turn around time, and caring attitude. Thank you Abcoln Fashions for the honor of writing this testimonial.
From Raquel Gonzalez : Plano, Texas
  "Abcoln Fashions is spectacular! They are always fast in delivering quality digitizing. Their website is extremely user friendly and the downloads are fast. Their prices can't be touched either. We couldn't ask for a better partnership!"
Abcoln Fashions is constantly testing innovative ways to embroider using special effect embroidery.
Watch this website for the newest in custom embroidery digitizing.

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