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  How experienced are we with Brother ?

We own and operate a 12, 6 and a 4 head Brother machines, and exclusively utilize them for manufacturing our embroidered patches. Our initial purchase was in the early 2000s, and have achieved outstanding results even on small text embroidery. Last year, we had upgraded our 12 head Brother, to boost our productivity. This is one of the best decisions that helped keep outstanding quality on our patches.

About 30% of our elite clientelle work with Brothers, and here is a valuable comment from one of them:
This comes from Stan in Riverside, California. Stan had tested multiple digitizing companies and posted us with the scan of the sewouts. Here is Stan's wordings:

"I am surprised that you were able to produce a much closer reproduction to the customer's original logo. Out of the 3 digitizing companies, your designs were about a quarter of an inch smaller, and 138 stitches lower, out of the 1274 stitch design. The best part of it all is that the design sewed out crisp and clear even in my old Brother, with no thread breaks. In my 20 years of experience, I've rarely seen such a production friendly, high quality digitizing at this small a size. I am amazed.

From my personal observation, this is what we normally here when a person utilizes our service on Brother for the first time. Having had the opportunity to work with this from childhood, we are passionate in helping you achieve tremendous success. Let our dedication to excellence surpass your expectations, on every single order. Let us hold hands together in helping you achieve a special status in your community.

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What formats do we support for Brother?

We support Brother (*.PES) and Brother (*.PEC), along with Wilcom (*.EMB), Pulse (*.PXF) and Pulse (*.POF)

We are available RIGHT NOW:

Yes, we work ALL 24 HOURs with multiple shifts. My business associates and I ensure that we are looking at the website ALL 24 hours of the day (day AND night), and have the ability to complete your designs instantaneously. When you are in a crunch situation, we are here to help you in a reliable fashion. We have dedicated machines just for sewing out your designs, and we ensure this process helps you get the best quality: first time, EVERY TIME.

Sign Me Up. I challenge Abcoln to WOW me on my Brother.
I need more details.

Abcoln Fashions is constantly testing innovative ways to embroider using special effect embroidery.
Watch this website for the newest in custom embroidery digitizing.

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