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Sign me up: Solutions and fixes to my problem of: Pulse (PXF, POF) : 0x3C00 is important to me.
  Solution to: Pulse (PXF, POF) : 0x3C00:

The issue of: Pulse (PXF, POF) : 0x3C00 is a bit more prevalent. Some of the ways this manifests would be: File cannot be opened. Please contact technical support (0x3C00). Or it would be something similar to direct the attention to a customer service representative. We provide a conversion service for this scenario.

Please feel free to use our services for providing a resolution to your needs. I do understand that getting stranded with a file that cannot be used any more is frustrating, and time consuming. We can help you move forward, and also provide a file that will help you move along with the production.

A little bit about ourselves:
Abcoln is a pioneer in offering digitizing services, especially on Pulse (PXF, POF) digitizing. We have two dedicated embroidery machines with cap attachments; dedicated solely and exclusively for sewing out the samples of your orders. Every single Pulse (PXF, POF) order goes through our sampling process, sewn out and thoroughly verified before it gets delivered to you. As a practice, we repeat this process, until we are satisfied with the resultant quality. Sometimes, we have identified improvements and sewn them again for an enhanced elegance. My personal objective is to save your production time and invariably your personal time involvement in these designs. Place an order with us and you will be able to marvel at the difference.

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Abcoln Fashions is constantly testing innovative ways to embroider using special effect embroidery.
Watch this website for the newest in custom embroidery digitizing.

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