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  In 2016 as well as in 2017, our family had evacuated from Florida, due to the hurricanes. We personally understand the amount of hardship these natural calamities raises; and the bills as well. :( My heart goes out to those who have been affected with power cuts and flooding. We are also a small business and it is my obligation to support. If you are affected by these hurricanes with flooding or power cuts, please take advantage of this relief effort. I would do everything in my power to help you rebuild and support for you and your staff.

Who can avail of the Relief Effort?

* This Relief offer is for customers who have had atleast 6 paid invoices in the past. (EXCEPTION: New Customers who have been referred especially for the Relief effort option)
* Business address has to be located within the official evacuation county.
* For digitizing orders only:
                * No RUSH orders please. Regular turn around time deliveries are okay.
                * The maximum dollar value of this relief effort is the average invoice amount of the past 6 months of digitizing.
* For Patch orders only:
                * If you are creating a Relief Effort patch, or TEXAS or FLORIDA State flags (to show support), please let us know that it is a part of relief, and we will create a discounted pricing for you.
* This is exclusively for the month of September 2017, and please inform us before the end of September.

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