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  What makes us call ourselves as a Expert Chenille digitizers?

The best indicator of quality comes from peers like yourselves than what we can say about us. The latest verification on Chenille Embroidery was done by Nicole in California. Nicole had tested four digitizing companies and posted us the scan of the sewouts. Here it is in Nicole's own wordings:

"Wow, I am amazed that you did a much closer reproduction to the customer's original logo. There were absolutely no registration problems at all! Out of the four digitizing companies, your designs could create the desired color blending for the sparkling ruby, and the directionality of the stitches for the flames were clean. Even with this 80,000 stitch there were no thread breaks and we didn't have to baby sit on the machine: FLAWLESS! In my 14 years of experience, I had never seen such a professional digitizing, which saved our personal time. I am truly amazed."

From my personal observation, this is what we normally hear when a person utilizes our service for the first time. We have been the first and only Chenille Embroidery digitizers specializing in Chenille Embroidery employing the latest technological updates. It requires a dedication to excellence, on every single order: No exceptions. This very reason has helped embroidery companies achieve a special status in their community. Word of mouth has happened for most Embroiderers and we have been praised repeatedly for this very reason.

How do we ensure the efficiency and quality of Chenille Embroidery work?

Abcoln is a pioneer in offering digitizing services, especially on Chenille digitizing. Both of our embroidery machines (cap attachment included) are dedicated solely and exclusively for sewing out the samples of your orders. Every single Chenille order goes through our sampling process, sewn out and thoroughly verified before it gets delivered to you. As a practice, we repeat this process, until we are satisfied with the resultant quality. Sometimes, we have identified improvements and sewn them again for an ehanced appeal and elegance. My personal objective is to save your production time and invariably your personal time involvement in these designs. Place an order with us and you and your client will be able to marvel at the difference.

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Internal detail of how Chenille is formed on the Scrim:

Creating a high quality Chenille embroidery requires a strong understanding of the internal mechanism. We have always been mesmerized by the interactions between Scrim, the needle, the Yarn and the machine, and for our internal benefit, we have created detailed images and information. We are ready to share this for the Chenille embroidery community's benefit. Please feel free to reach out to us.
PS: With rampant piracy, we had to pull the information back, and are willing to protect it and share it with the credible folks in the industry.

Additional Details and Ramblings that needs to be perfected, when we have time to devote to this:
Moss stitches are most often used to fill in areas and create depth, while the chain stitches are used to outline, monogram and can be used to produce a more delicate look. Chenille machines: Both the manual and the current electronic machines can use a variety of threads and needle sizes to produce vastly different appearances. The oldest machine we have had the privilege to work with is a manual machine, which is still operational with more than 30 years under it's belt. Certain unique type of machines like the Tajima TMLG has the ability to use the slub yarn, to create certain differentiated appearances. With innovative options like the Cording and Taping Device for chenille machines, true chenille machines controlled by electronics, and software designed to produce beautiful chenille work, Tajima will continue to be a leader in the embroidery industry.

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Abcoln Fashions is constantly testing innovative ways to embroider using special effect embroidery.
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