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Human Logos
Prophet.  Crisp details dress shirt. Layered Fill stitch. Religious man Brand Image with Personality smiling person with Tuxedo created from vintage Photograph. Vocalist R&B. Replicate photo 2 men sitting with Beer Drum in Texas Cowboy Saloon style setting USA Presidential Election Candidate for American President Elect Obama in Washington DC. Just An American
Small Text
Small Text. Fine Details. Trimmed Letters. Barudan. Pulse PXF. Osteo Relief Business. Pique. 40 weight Robinson Anton Poly Neon threads Small Business Text. Trimmed Alphabets. Fine Details. Amaya. Pulse POF. Straitline Sewout. Polo. 40 weight Poly Neon Madeira Threads Small a.k.a Tiny Text. Connected letters. Police and Law Envnorcement. Not Trimmed. Wilcom EMB. Tajima. Management Director. Twill Knit Jerseys. 40 weight Isacord Rayon Threads. Manual digitizing Small Text Scripts. Wilcom CND EXP Melco. Trimmed and super fine Details. HVAC. Poly Cotton. 40 weight Coats Poly Neon Threads.  Crisp Website URL digitized and Phone Numbers in Block Font, manually digitized
3D Puff
(with Foam)
2mm Foam. Team Logo. Wide 3D Puff with Satin outline for Caps. Quality 3D Puff manual Crisp digitizing with cleaner end caps & 40 denier Poly Neon Threads 3mm Foam. Corporate Logo. Crisp Raised 3D layered Puff foam with strong Satin for Caps. Special 60 denier Madeira Poly Neon Threads 6mm Puffy Foam from standard Arts & Crafts stores. Sports Team Logo of MLB Dodgers from California. Official Logo with 3D Puff for Caps. Exceptional Quality and Crisper details done with Manual digitizing for Richardson Caps 4mm Puffy Foam from Michaels. Crisper details of home for Realty Group for Twill LIDS Caps
Stallion head frontal view with brown Fur coat textured with directional run stitches for distinctive mane and appearance Adorable pups replicated from vintage photograph of actual dogs with stitch directions created to replicate the actual fur and the direction of the fur coat Animal cats feline cute cuddly white. Wilcom CND EXP Melco. Trimmed and super fine Details. Poly Cotton Animal furry cute cuddly monkey. Filled in with satins.  No Run stitches. Wilcom EMB. Tajima. Twill Knit Jerseys
Insect Sweat or Honey Bee top view queen for beekeeper. Glassy wings spread for Bath Robe American Spread Eagle looking down about to catch a prey. Digitized for Californian High School Football Team for Jerseys Charity Sports Car Racing Tournament for Bee keeper group with Goggles 2 Vultures sitting on tree trunk replicating the Motorcycle Groups sayings of PATIENCE MY ASS
Crisp Text and logo with proper bobbin tension avoiding bird nesting Text with stripes having fabric showing through and clear parallel lines like an American Flag or a Racing sports car text Arizona Corporation with Satin stitches having clear underlays and dense stitches without any fabric pulling or puckering at all Text on Fill stitch and outside fill stitch also. With Small Text Details at an exceptional and mesmerizing quality
Helicopter captured after accident. Replicated from a photograph of the vehicle and removing the background and cleaning up and restoring the artwork 18 Wheeler chemical transportation truck merged from multiple photographs Voyager Classic Race car old style image for Colorado Racing in the 20th Century EMT Lanton trucks of FDIC Fire Department for Jacket Back of Indianapolis firemen
Circular patch with Crisp American Eagle on a USA Flag Background. Showcasing the quality at just 3 inches created with a laser cut 3D Puff of Google Corporation of San Francisco, with multiple colors and each alphabet containing clear 3D Foam Puff with outer satin border and hand cut. Banner extending from the Circular shape patch with die cut shape Frayed edges with Manual Frayed edges for Jeans and Twill material
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